Math Resources

Pearson Math Games- Kids can play the games we learn in class. They can also revisit games from previous grades or explore games from higher grades!

Math tools- these are some of the manipulatives we use to support our math thinking-in digital form!

Math Words and Ideas- Confused on how the kids are learning math these days? These videos explain some of the strategies we teach kids. They may not always seem to be the most efficient strategy, however, the more flexible kids are with a variety of math strategies, the more efficient they will become with math in the future. It teaches students to be flexible problem sovlers and builds their number sense to have a greater understanding of how and why math works.

Math Facts-
According to Jo Boaler in her book Mathematical Mindsets:

"Math facts by themselves are a small part of mathematics, and they are learned through the use of numbers in different ways and situations. Unfortunately, many classrooms focus on math facts in isolation, giving students the impression that math facts is what it means to be a strong math student. Both of these ideas are wrong, and it is critical that we remove them from classrooms, as they play a key role in creating math-anxious and disaffected students." [page 38] 

If you would like to learn more about fact fluency and the brain science behind it, here is an article about ways to learn fact fluency and taking the fear out of it. 

Math Facts Websites- These websites help kids visualize multiplication, which in turn helps them become more permanent in their memory rather than a flashcard with an equation on it :)

YouCubed Visual Math Fact Flashcards these are flash cards you would print and create at home- includes a started pack!

Supplies for Math Games
Digit cards

Homemade dice template