Reading Resources

3rd graders should be reading at least 20 minutes each day in order to continue to grow as a reader.

You might be wondering how you can support your child with reading at home. Here are the most important things you can do:

  • Encourage a love of reading
  • Make reading part of your daily routine (i.e. bedtime)
  • Take family trips to the library
  • Talk about books with your child

DRA levels
If you want more specific information on what you can do to support your child at their specific reading level, please see the links below. 3rd grade expectations are for your student to come into 3rd grade at a DRA level 28 and leave at a DRA level 38. These links describe reading behaviors that your child exhibits when reading independently at this level. It also provides great comprehension questions to use at home with whatever they are reading.

DRA level 50
DRA level 60
DRA level 70

Want book suggestions?
The Scholastic Book Wizard is a free, online tool and a great place to start to search for books based on level, genre, subject and grade.

Having trouble finding books at your child's reading level? Click here for book lists by DRA level

Want to purchase more books for your child while also earning free books for our classroom library?
Please visit the scholastic wesbite to order books! Each book you purchase will earn us points toward free books for our classroom library. You can look up books by grade, reading level, or subject!
Our classroom code is: LR7RH